Kamis, 11 November 2010



Cipt. Namewee

Let me say this first

I wrote this for fun

Don,t get pissed off if you wanna listen to it

I’m a Hainese boy

I speak six language

Don’t say that we Hainese

Only know

How to cook chicken rice

Our coffe is a good, after a cup

I can eve shiy

This song, I sing for all my friends

Friends in KL, letme tell you

Don,t be too arrogant

What I’m saying now is

Straight from the heart

I learned Cantonese

Not because I’m submitting to you

But just to communicate

We are not morons

Malaysian Cinese

Are mortly hokkien folk

But strongely

Why Cantonese dominate everything

There weird things

I don’t normally

Give a fuck about it

But why Radio and TV

Don’t speak in Mandarin

There are many kinds of Chinese

This is not Hongkong

Everthing in Cantonese

Don’t you have any respect

I’m learning it slowly

That is called close

I’m adapting to it Slowly

Cause I know what’s right

If it’s too tough on you to listen to me

It’s okay

Let me give you a phrase in Teochew

Fuck you mother

Na..Na….Na….Na….Na…. 3X


Became independent in 65

But after independence

There were many problems

We speak the same languages

Even the same vulgarities

But when your government gives on order

You can’t do anything about it

My impression of Singapore

Which is only one

Cause your buildings

All look the same

This kind of planning

I downright communist

Lee Kuan Yew and Mao Zedong

Are in fact buddies


Weight heavily on your shoulders

National development

Triumphed over development of independent tought

You guys are too kiasi

And too kiasu

Your kids since mall

Have their paths laid net nicely by the government

When they come to Malaysia

They think it’s so wulu

Aiyah, even if we live in trees

We take elevators up our trees

You walks on boards roads

And avoid small alleys

To spit your chewing gum

Tou even have to come to our country

Little boy

I think you don’t even know how to cross roads

There are few Zebra crossing here

But we know

How to cope

Na..Na….Na….Na….Na…. 3X

Ok it’s the bumi is turns know

Say that shit again lah

Chinese go back to China

If we all do go back

This ain’t Malaysia anymore

I Worry about how you’ll finds jobs

But, hey that’s fine lah

Cause Malays don’t like to work either

All of you can go back into the jungle

And like the Sakai

Even if you wont to play guitar

There’s no shop sither

Even if you want to be illegal motorcyclisty

Less one motorcycle either

Less one holiday for you

That’s because no Chinese New Year

Stop bitching already lah

Kids, open your minds

There’s not just one race in this country

Chinese are pigs ?

Stop staying suck shit lah

But to be frank

Bak Kuk Teh is very tasty

My Bahasa Melayu

Is a bad as shit

But yeah, that’s my

True feeling

5 year has passed since

But you’re sleeping everyday

Look up a head lah

Na..Na….Na….Na….Na…. 3X

We are friends

But we’re making mistakes

Cause of I don’t understand you

You don’t understand me

We are friends

But we’re making mistakes

If we solve the problems

Everything will be free

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